ADT Pulse® Interactive Solutions

Many home security providers monitor your home’s alarm system and can alert you of activity when the system detects a possible threat. If the alarm is triggered, a signal is sent to a monitoring center, notifying the security dispatchers of a possible break-in or emergency at your residence. With features like ADT Pulse®, security customers can manage their alarm systems on the go and visually monitor their homes with surveillance cameras. An ADT Pulse system also offers the option of home automation functions.

Homeowners can stay connected to their alarm systems using mobile devices and act as a home automation controller just by tapping the screen of a smartphone. With the ADT Pulse system, homeowners can also program thermostats, lights, appliances and door locks.

ADT Pulse home security capabilities

ADT introduced the ADT Pulse feature in 2010 and has added some features over time, including automated door locks and activation of security cameras through motion sensors. ADT Pulse uses Z-Wave™ technology as the foundation of its interactive capabilities.

Available features may vary depending on whether the customer buys directly from ADT or from an ADT Authorized Dealer.

Functions of ADT Pulse include:

  • Remotely arming and disarming the ADT monitored ADT security system. In this sense, ADT Pulse acts as an online extension of the digital keypad installed in the customer’s home.
  • Home security customers can receive text message or email notifications of security alerts.
  • An ADT Pulse system lets users integrate their thermostats into home automation. They can adjust temperatures using their smartphones and a mobile application for iPhone®, Android™ and BlackBerry® devices. Some customers have reported savings of 20 percent or more on energy bills using ADT Pulse.
  • ADT Pulse offers lighting control so that users can remotely adjust lighting appliances.
  • ADT Pulse users can view footage from security cameras on their mobile devices. Features include live video feed and 30-second recordings programmed to record specific events, such as children arriving home from school.

ADT Pulse, part of an emerging trend

The expanding popularity of smartphones and other mobile devices has led to many technological advances. A desire by consumers to interact with alarm systems and other household technology is another extension of this trend.