ADT security is one of the pioneers in helping people protect their families and property, with more than 100 years of security experience.

Today, ADT provides alarm monitoring and security systems to more than 6 million customers across the United States and Canada, making it North America’s largest provider of electronic security. Although the company does serve a number of commercial clients, homeowners make up the large majority of its customer base.

ADT is the most popular choice for homeowners nationwide, holding the top spot in the security industry for many years.

ADT security services

Alarm monitoring serves as the centerpiece of ADT security services.

The company operates a 24-hour monitoring network, staffed by more than 2,000 dispatch operators, that includes four U.S. monitoring centers. ADT customers receive round-the-clock monitoring for threats such as burglary, fire, medical emergencies, carbon monoxide and flooding.

ADT interacts with about 38,000 public safety agencies, such as fire and police departments and emergency medical services. In a typical year, the company’s monitoring network responds to more than 29 million alarm signals and 50,000 crimes in progress.

ADT security systems

In addition to alarm monitoring from ADT, security systems also play a large role in the company’s services.

Security systems used by ADT feature standard equipment that includes a digital keypad, motion detector, door and window sensors, high-decibel alarm and keychain remote. The pet-friendly motion detector is among the features frequently mentioned in online ADT reviews by customers who have indoor pets. Users can program the motion detector to disregard their pets as they move around the home, which reduces the risk of false alarms.

ADT security systems also offer customization options, such as additional motion detectors and door/window sensors. By offering these options, ADT home security promises a personalized solution.

ADT security packages

ADT offers a selection of several monitoring packages. Each one differs in price, depending on the equipment and features it provides. Choices range from standard protection to advanced features such as home automation.

ADT Pulse®

For customers who want a higher level of protection and convenience, ADT home security also offers video surveillance cameras, remote online access and home automation through ADT Pulse.

Officially marketed as ADT Pulse Interactive Solutions, this feature allows ADT security services to offer a combination of home security and home management accessible through the customer’s mobile device. Using a smartphone or tablet, customers can use Pulse to:

  • Adjust thermostat settings and lights
  • Lock and unlock their doors
  • Arm and disarm their security systems and view live security camera footage
  • Receive text and email alerts

With Pulse, customers of ADT security services can also program their wireless cameras to capture video or still images of specific events, such as when doors are opened or rooms are entered.

The history of ADT in home security

Founded in 1874 as American District Telegraph, ADT later branched out into the security field by offering alarm service for businesses. The success of those early efforts, combined with the rise of the telephone and the decline of the telegraph, helped pave the way for the beginning of ADT home security.

ADT security services stared with fire detectors and burglar alarms, and as the company grew, it turned its attention to some of the newer technologies you’ll see in today’s monitoring packages and alarm systems.

As the nation’s largest and most experienced security provider, ADT emphasizes resources, reliability and expertise.