Home Security Buying Guide

How to choose a home security system that fits all your needs.

When you make the decision to get a home security system, you will have several questions that you need to answer before you go with a specific company or package. This page serves as a buying guide for homeowners who have questions about how to pick a home security system.

Do I really need a home security system?

If you want a higher level of protection for your home, family and valued belongings, the answer is yes. Research by everyone from the FBI to Rutgers University has determined that a home security alarm can significantly reduce your risk for burglary. Not only do you get the deterrent of a high-decibel alarm to disrupt a burglar’s intrusion, a professional security company can also provide 24-hour monitoring for a number of threats in addition to break-ins.

How do home security systems work?

Professional home security systems have a control panel that serves as the brain of the entire system. The control panel receives signals from sensors that you have placed around your home. When the sensors detect a security threat, your system activates the home alarm. The system also alerts your security provider’s monitoring center, through a landline or cellular network. After contacting you to verify the emergency, a dispatcher will contact the local authorities on your behalf if necessary.

How do I know which security company to choose?

You can choose among many security alarm companies, whether local, regional or national. Your choice depends on your individual situation. When it comes to the level of security you desire for your loved ones and possessions and how much money you can budget toward a security system, the decision rests with you. Also, remember to consider these factors when you compare providers:

  • Experience in the security industry
  • Reputation for customer service
  • Affordability and value
  • Features and selection

Professional security vs. DIY: What’s the difference?

Choosing between a professional and a DIY home security system also depends on budget and preference. The biggest difference between the two lies in monitoring service. When you choose a company to monitor your home for security threats, you begin an ongoing relationship as opposed to a single transaction at a cash register. You’ll know you can count on professional alarm monitoring 24/7, as well as customer support.

With professional security companies, you also receive the benefit of technical expertise and support. With DIY security systems, you use your own elbow grease for installation.

Choose the system that’s right for you

In the end, you have to pick the security system that feels right for your home and your family. Knowing how to choose a home security system involves using your best judgment as well as doing your homework.

You can’t truly put a price on feeling safer and knowing that the people and possessions you value most are better protected. Fortunately, the marketplace offers so many options that just about anyone can find a solution that makes them feel confident in their home security.