Fire Safety for Kids

Fire safety starts at the top.

It’s the parents’ responsibility to make sure the whole family knows how to react in the event of a flare-up. Of course, nobody plans on overheating a pan or forgetting about a lit candle, but mistakes do happen, and it’s always best to prepare your family well ahead of time.

You’ve probably heard it before, but it’s truly important to set some ground rules and organize an exit plan – remember that during a fire, every second counts. The more time you spend thinking about your next move, the less time you’ll have to actually make your next move. And the same goes for everyone in your family.

At, we’re big on household safety education, which is why we’ve put together a fire safety guide for kids only (still, it wouldn’t hurt for mom or dad to help out along the way wink wink, nudge nudge).

You can download the packet right here; feel free to thumb through the games and puzzles, and then print it out for your kids to complete!

Each page contains a new activity or set of fire safety terms for children to learn. Once they’ve finished, be sure to review it with them and discuss any questions or comments they might have. Go over the important points, like what do if they smell fire and where to go once they’ve made it outside the house.

Take the opportunity to set up a real conversation about safety with the whole family. Think about what you can do to fireproof your home ahead of time, and work to stomp out any habits you might have that could put you at risk. Who knows? Once you get down to it, you might learn something yourself.