College Safety Tips

Many people think of their time in college as the best years of their lives. To make sure that you have the same kind of rewarding experience, always keep safety in mind.

Follow these college campus safety tips to help you make the grade on personal security while still having fun.

Security in the dorm

  • Never let strangers into your dorm or residence hall. It may seem rude, but you don’t want to let any unauthorized people into these buildings.
  • Keep the door to your room locked at all times. It only takes an opportunistic room raider a couple of minutes to nab your possessions.

Your personal possessions

  • Never leave your things unattended. Whether you’re at the library or the dining hall, failing to keep an eye on your bag, computer, or books may end badly. Someone could easily walk by and casually claim your valuables as their own.
  • Attach your bike to the bike rack as securely as possible. Invest in a flexible bike lock that wraps itself around different parts of your bike. Consider removing a wheel to make the target even less attractive to thieves.

Your personal security

  • Use the buddy system at night. If you need to get to your car and you don’t have someone to come with you, call campus security before you leave. The campus safety department will provide an escort to accompany you.
  • Make sure that at least one person knows your location at all times. Whether you leave a note for your roommate or text your location to a friend, make sure that someone knows your intended destination.
  • Choose well-lit, indoor ATMs if you need to get cash at night. To be even safer, get in the habit of going to the ATM during the day.
  • Always have your keys in hand when walking to your car. Searching for your keys causes you to lose awareness of your surroundings and makes you vulnerable. Once you get in your car, lock your doors and leave immediately. Never linger in parking garages or darkened lots.

Socializing safely

  • Call a cab. Never accept a ride from a driver who has been drinking or someone you don’t know. Cab services can easily get you and your friends home for an affordable rate.
  • Watch your cup. Never accept a drink from anyone you don’t know and always keep your cup in your hand. If you accidentally leave it unattended, get a new drink.
  • Trust your instincts. Leave any situation that seems dangerous or just plain “off.” No party or pub crawl is worth your safety.

Make college safety a top priority

Always make smart choices about college campus safety, no matter what activities you participate in. Whether you’re hitting the books or hitting the town, caution and common sense can help you avoid winding up in a compromising situation.

Visit the community resource page for more tips and advice on situations you might encounter on an everyday basis.

Have fun in college, but always put your education and safety first.