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Knowledge is power, so empower yourself with information on safety and security.

When it comes to home security and personal safety, it pays to be resourceful. provides a wealth of information in the form of community resources, security resources and much more. Here’s a list of topics and links to each page:

Security News & Articles

Stay up to date with the latest news and articles in the security industry. Enhance your security knowledge by making sure you know what the latest and greatest technology and trends are in home security.

Home Security Tips

Just because you’ve installed a home security system doesn’t mean your work is done. You can enhance your protection just by following some easy, common-sense guidelines. This page provides helpful advice for the safety-minded, proactive homeowner.

How to Save When Buying Home Security

Money can’t buy happiness, but saving some of your hard-earned dollars definitely feels good. From gift cards to insurance discounts, this page has tips to help you protect your home without burdening your bank balance.

Home Security Vocabulary

Before choosing a home security system, it helps to know what terms like “home automation” and “two-way voice” actually mean. Use this glossary to pass Home Security 101 with flying colors.

Advice for New Parents

If buying a home is a major life event, having a child is a colossal milestone. New parents have a million things to think about every day — this page helps you navigate some of the big decisions.

Tips for First Time Home Buyers

You’ve completed the inspection, the final walk-through and the closing. Now what? This page offers tips on making your transition to new homeowner a smooth one.

College Safety Tips

Make sure that your college education doesn’t include learning about security and personal safety the hard way. This page provides you with useful information about staying safe on campus.

Safe Traveler’s Checklist

Before hitting the road on a whirlwind adventure, make sure you’ve taken all of the steps on this checklist.