Founded in 2007, FrontPoint Security is a rapidly growing home security company. In fact, FrontPoint bills itself as the fastest-growing GE Security dealer.

FrontPoint Security provides customers with a unique combination of do-it-yourself installation and professional monitoring. The company claims to offer superior customer service, coupled with smart, simple technology.

FrontPoint home security features and equipment

Because FrontPoint home security does not offer professional installation, it aims to provide customers with equipment that they can easily set up on their own. FrontPoint also provides customers with a user guide that demonstrates how to properly install a FrontPoint security system.

Customers can also watch an online video to help them better understand the installation process, which FrontPoint describes as quick and painless. FrontPoint’s do-it-yourself installation is one feature that sets it apart from larger, more widely-known security companies; most other home security companies provide professional installation instead.

Front Point security offers smartphone apps so customers can remotely control their security systems from the convenience of their mobile devices. New customers also receive FrontPoint Security yard signs and window decals.

Front Point security prices and packages

FrontPoint offers three main home security plans: the Protection package, the Interactive package and the Ultimate package.

The Protection plan is the most basic package and includes the following features:

  • Cellular monitoring
  • Intrusion protection
  • Fire and environmental protection
  • Life safety protection for medical emergencies
  • 24/7 professional monitoring

The Interactive plan is a step up from the Protection plan. The Interactive package includes all of the features of the Protection plan, plus the following additional features:

  • Crash and smash protection, which will alert the monitoring center immediately if your control panel is damaged.
  • Instant security alerts delivered to your phone or email.
  • Remote access control so you can use the Internet to check the status of your FrontPoint security system and receive notifications while you are away.
  • Light control, which allows you to remotely turn your lights and household appliances on and off.
  • GEO services, a feature that can keep track of your location and send you alerts based on your preferred settings. For instance, it can send you an alert reminding you to arm your FrontPoint security system whenever you leave your home.

Finally, the Ultimate package completes the list as the most expensive and comprehensive FrontPoint home security plan, offering the following additional features:

  • Wireless video, which streams live camera footage of your home and property.
  • Additional home automation functions.

Learn more about Front Point Security

If you want additional information about FrontPoint home security, you should consider checking out FrontPoint reviews online to find out what customers have to say.

You may also want to research other security providers to compare their features to those that FrontPoint security offers. Decide which home security features are most important to you and your family, and then see how FrontPoint stacks up against its competitors.