Alarm systems offer real benefits for home security and quality of life.

For homeowners and their families, having a home alarm system could make the difference between security and vulnerability.

According to 2012 FBI crime statistics:

  • The annual number of burglaries in the United States exceeded 2.1 million every year from 2000 to 2012
  • Home burglaries account for roughly 75 percent of all break-ins
  • More than half of home burglaries take place during the day, when homeowners are less likely to be around

The good news is that FBI research has also identified an effective deterrent to this particular threat — a home security alarm.

According to the FBI, installing a home alarm system can make your home nearly three times less likely to suffer a burglary. The combination of a home alarm system with home monitoring adds another layer of protection. A professional security provider’s dispatch operators are trained to provide rapid response, notifying local authorities if you need help in an emergency.

Imagine two different home security scenarios:

Without a home security alarm: A burglar has a significantly better chance of entering your home undetected and making off with valuable belongings in a matter of minutes.

With a home security alarm: A motion sensor, a type of equipment found in many security systems, can detect the intruder electronically and sound the alarm.

Also, many security companies offer advanced alarm systems that increase your protection against other security threats, including fire, carbon monoxide and extreme temperatures. You can take your security strategy even further by installing a home alarm system with surveillance cameras.

Alarm systems provide convenience in addition to safety

The daily life of a homeowner is often challenging, but a home alarm system can help you meet some of those challenges.

If your home has frequent visitors — like babysitters, for instance — a security system eliminates the need to hand out spare keys or rearrange your schedule so you can be there to let them in at inconvenient times. Many home alarms feature guest access codes that let visitors disarm the system when they arrive and reactivate it when they leave.

Also, a home security alarm with mobile online access lets you interact with your alarm system using a smartphone, tablet or laptop even when you’re miles away.

Home alarm systems also offer financial benefits

The FBI estimates the average dollar loss per burglary at more than $2,000. Based on that figure, it’s easy to see how a home security alarm can help protect you from this kind of financial setback.

Of course, home security can also bring financial rewards in the form of insurance discounts. Many home insurance providers offer lower premiums to customers who make their homes less risky to insure by installing alarm systems and other security measures.

Don’t forget about alarm systems with home automation features, which make it possible for you to save money on utility bills by automating thermostat settings, lights and appliances.

Alarm systems are an investment in safety

Just like a new car, a new home security alarm is an investment. Buying a car with superior safety ratings brings you peace of mind — and so does buying a highly rated home alarm system.

Not only do alarm systems minimize the threat of security hazards, but they also provide the reassurance of knowing that your family, home and belongings have enhanced protection. While the safety of your home certainly ranks as a top priority, don’t underestimate the value of another home security benefit — a better quality of life through convenience and peace of mind.