Home Security Companies

Home security companies make it a point to advertise their most appealing price points and special features. As the security industry grows more competitive, the top security companies continue looking for new ways to separate their products and services from the rest of the pack.

Being a practical consumer and intelligent homeowner, your first responsibility is household protection. With all the one-time promotions and glitzy advertising, it’s tough to be sure you’re putting your trust in the right home security company.

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HomeSecuritySystem.com provides an indispensable resource for consumers. This site will introduce you to many of the industry’s best-known and most reliable top security companies, including:

ADTVivintFrontPointProtect AmericaProtection OneLifeShield

ADT Security is the largest home security company in North America, serving more than 6 million customers. Based in Boca Raton, Florida, ADT security is a well-known industry leader that you may already recognize from its eight-sided, blue and white logo often seen on window decals and yard signs. Started in 1874 as a telegraph business, the company has provided security services for more than a century.

Vivint Security is one of the newer names in the security industry, although it used to do business as APX Alarm. After broadening its product offerings to items such as solar power and home automation, the company rebranded itself as Vivint.

FrontPoint Security is a wireless security provider headquartered in McLean, Virginia. It’s quickly becoming one of the region’s most well-known home security companies.

Protect America is a unique home security company in that it has also branched out into newer security technologies such as GPS tracking. Keep in mind that most of the top security companies are always expanding and upgrading their services.

Protection One is another nationwide security provider with an accomplished leadership group. The company’s monitoring services extend both to homeowners to and businesses

LifeShield Security bills itself as the first monitoring service to provide true wireless security. Like many of the top security companies, you can find LifeShield customers in many regions of the country.

HomeSecuritySystem.com helps consumers by outlining the biggest brands in the industry. Using the resources available on this site to research their options, homeowners will have a much easier time finding the right home security company.