How to Save When Buying Home Security

Buying an alarm system means making an investment in the security of your home. Like any investor, you have opportunities to control expenses when you make that initial purchase.

Consumers can find several ways to save when they buy home security. One of the most obvious strategies involves shopping around for the best deal before buying.

Look for discounted prices and special promotions on monitoring service or equipment. Many home security providers offer deals on installation and equipment, along with other incentives such as rewards cards. Also, be sure to ask about deals and discounts when you actually order your home security service.

As you search for ways to save, don’t forget to seek the advice of other consumers. For example, try talking to friends or neighbors who have home security systems and ask their advice on how to save money.

You can also continue your research on and similar websites to find other security resources online.

Ways to save with insurance discounts

By installing a home security system, you can also take advantage of potential homeowner’s insurance discounts.

In the insurance business, home security systems fall into the category of protective devices along with deadbolt locks and other safety equipment. Homeowners who have safety measures in place to help protect against fire, burglary and other hazards are statistically less likely to file claims. In return, many insurance companies reward safety-minded homeowners with discounts on their yearly premiums. In some cases, these discounts can total as much as 20 percent.

The potential insurance discounts could help defray the initial costs of buying a home security system, along with the recurring costs of monthly monitoring.

How to save with DIY security

Do it yourself security is a fairly popular option for homeowners. This approach has its share of pros and cons compared with using a home security provider. You won’t have to pay monthly monitoring costs with DIY security, but you also won’t have the added protection of professional alarm monitoring.

Many home security companies that provide alarm monitoring also offer professional installation. If you don’t have much experience with home improvement projects, the potential headaches of installing a security system by yourself could make DIY security a less viable alternative.