If you’ve heard of Protect America, then you probably know that the Texas-based company provides home security, life safety and automotive safety. Most of the Protect America home security systems are easy for homeowners to install themselves. To learn more about the company and its products and services, you can start with Protect America reviews.

Online security reviews help you gather information so you can learn more about the different monthly monitoring plans and equipment offered by providers like Protect America. Home security reviews are a good place to start when you want to find a wealth of information from industry insiders and actual customers.

Protect America: Security reviews from reliable sources

Want to know more about Protect America? Reviews online are one way to see what consumers are saying about the company. You can also find customer testimonials on the Protect America reviews page on the brand’s website. Another good source of Protect America security reviews is people you know who are current or former customers.

Check out this compilation of online reviews from several popular and reliable sources. You may find a Protect America review that has all the information you need to help you make a decision.

Alarm System Report.com

Highlights from Alarm System Report.com’s Protect America review: “Protect America is the silver medal winner in our best alarm rankings. But that’s a very close second. Protect America has a lot of advantages for homeowners. Protect America often has very little up-front cost and boast a Do It Yourself GE system as well as web/remote access and multiple options for monthly monitoring. Protect America is another great option for your home alarm system needs.”

  • Pros: “Little to no up-front cost, get a lot for your money up-front, cellular monitoring, DIY.”
  • Cons: “Poor customer service ratings, but recently improving significantly.”

Security Systems Reviews.com

  • Pros: The website’s Protect America review highlights the company’s value. Security Systems Reviews.com says the company’s quality service and quality products make it a good choice for consumers. “Not only do they offer affordable cellular, broadband and phone line monitoring but many of their equipment packages are offered for free.”
  • Cons: One customer’s Protect America review mentions that the main console size is too big and that it “cannot be on the wall by the Entry/Exit door since it needs power, connection to phone line or Internet.”


  • Pros: “With no installation or activation fees and free home security equipment, Protect America is a solid option if you’re looking for low upfront costs.”
  • Cons: “However, if you’re looking for a complete suite of surveillance options, you may need to look elsewhere.”