No matter how old a son or daughter gets, in a parent’s eyes a child always remains a child. When it comes to teenage safety, it’s important to set limits and agree on certain rules. Fortunately, home security systems can make it much easier to keep the information flowing and the lines of communication open between parents and teens.

Safety and security are the main concerns of parents, no matter how independent their teenagers become. As a learning resource, has provided some general tips for parents about using their home security systems in the family’s teenage safety plan. Parents can also find plenty of general security tips on the resource page.

Teenager safety with home security technology

Home security systems serve more than one purpose. While they can help keep your home protected from break-ins and other hazards like fire and carbon monoxide, they can also help you supervise your teenager.

Safety-minded parents may want to use security cameras, for example, to provide oversight when their children have the house to themselves.

Thanks to wireless technology, users of interactive home alarm systems have the ability to view video surveillance footage on their smartphones. The security camera feature can serve a dual purpose: to check in on your kids to confirm everyone is safe while also making sure no one is breaking the teenage safety rules you’ve set forth.

An interactive wireless system can also send you text or email alerts about certain security events, such as:

  • If someone uses a passcode to enter your home
  • If your teen has a kitchen mishap that sets off the smoke alarm
  • If a door or window monitored by an entryway sensor is triggered

Wireless security technology provides the additional benefit of keychain remotes (or key fobs) that let your teen arm and disarm the alarm system without having to use the main keypad or control panel. Many of these wireless remotes also include a panic button feature for emergencies.

With an interactive home security/home automation system, you can remotely turn on the lights before your child gets home. Home automation also lets you control thermostat settings with your mobile device, in case you have one of those teens who can’t resist adjusting the temperature every few minutes.

Teen safety for today and tomorrow

When children reach the age of finally being ready to stay at home by themselves, it represents a big milestone. In a few years, being home alone will offer the child an opportunity to prove himself or herself as a responsible teenager. Safety practices that incorporate home security systems can help ensure a successful transition from teen to trustworthy young adult.

Setting teenager safety guidelines now will also help prepare your child to make responsible decisions later in life. Don’t forget that in just a few short years, you’ll find yourself talking about college safety tips instead of teenage safety tips.