If you’re leaving home for a vacation, business trip, etc., follow these steps to help maintain the security of your home while you’re away and your personal safety as you travel.

Things to do NOW

□ Designate a check-in person (friend, relative, trusted neighbor, police officer)

□ Put temporary stop on mail and newspaper delivery

□ Be sure not to mention travel plans on social media

□ Notify your home security provider that you’ll be away from home

Things to do THE DAY BEFORE

□ Program home automation system (or electric timer) to turn lights on and off at different intervals, giving burglars the impression that the home is occupied

□ Get several singles, fives, tens and twenties; keep them in a front pocket so don’t have to expose your wallet every time you tip or make a small purchase

□ Program your voicemail or answering machine to activate after two rings (a phone that doesn’t pick up quickly is a sign of an empty home); and make sure the greeting doesn’t mention that you’re out of town


□ Make sure windows and doors are locked

□ Turn off your iron, coffee maker and other “morning routine” appliances to reduce the chance of a house fire blazing to life after you leave

□ Activate your home security system

Things to do AS YOU TRAVEL

□ Keep your wallet in a front pocket, never the back

□ Store value items (jewelry, etc.) in the hotel safe

□ Memorize emergency exits and evacuation routes at your hotel

□ To deny identity thieves a tempting target, avoid using your laptop on unsecured WiFi networks

□ If you have remote online access to your home security system, check in periodically for status updates


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