If you are in the process of selecting a security provider, home security reviews provide a great place to start.

Should you consider purchasing a security system from Vivint, security reviews can help you determine how well Vivint stacks up against the competition so you can be sure you select the best security system for your home and family. If you have already decided to purchase a security system from Vivint, reviews can help you determine which service packages and equipment features are most valued by Vivint customers.

It can be difficult to sort through the wealth of Vivint home security reviews online, which is why HomeSecuritySystem.com has compiled a one-stop collection of Vivint Security reviews. Feel free to read through these reviews, in order to get a better idea of the pros and cons of choosing Vivint as your home security provider.

Top Ten Reviews.com

  • Pros: “The Vivint home control system was very easy to use and we were surprised with how well it integrated with the standard functions of the home. Locks can be opened with an app or an access code and each code can be linked to a different user, so you always know who is coming through your door.”
  • Cons: “Since they’re (Vivint) so new to the market, they aren’t yet able to offer all the features their more accomplished competitors do…The system requires professional installation, which means that while support will likely be higher quality and more efficient, you also won’t be able to upgrade the system easily on your own.”

Best Home Security Companys.com

  • Pros: “A nice feature of the Vivint security system is their mobile app. Vivint’s mobile apps lets customers monitor and control their systems from practically anywhere.”
  • Cons: “Vivint uses 2GIG home security products in its systems. The 2Gig Go! Control Wireless home security system can just about do it all…The downside to the 2Gig Go! Control Wireless system is that it does not come with a power cable or user manual. You would have to purchase a power cable on your own and then install the system.”

Alarm System Report.com

“Vivint offers very complete packages with affordable monthly pricing. While their prices are a tad higher than several top competitors, the monthly price reflects a small up-front commitment.”


5 Stars – “Vivint is an innovative home security company with strong automation features and an emphasis on high-quality design. With strong financial backing and forward-thinking management, Vivint is positioned to be a major player in the industry for years to come.”