Established in 1999 as APX Alarm Security Solutions, Vivint markets itself as one of North America’s largest home automation companies. Vivint home security serves the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada and now New Zealand, with nearly 700,000 customers. More than 175,000 those customers use Vivint’s home automation features.

Vivint security systems combine alarm and anti-burglary technology with centralized home controls, giving customers the ability to manage their families’ safety and increase their homes’ energy efficiency. With its background as APX Alarm and its integration of automation features, a Vivint security system offers a combination of home security and home management.

Vivint, currently headquartered in Provo, Utah, also does business in the residential solar energy market through its subsidiary Vivint Solar.

Vivint security systems: Features and technology

Vivint home security technology provides customers with added protection against threats like burglary and fire. Some of the Vivint security features and equipment customers can choose from include:

  • Alarms
  • Door locks
  • Touchscreen panels
  • Motion detectors and a variety of sensors
  • Keychain remotes
  • Wireless communication – with the Vivint Live feature on the control panel
  • Remote smartphone and Internet access
  • Yard signs

Mobile applications – Using mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, Android), homeowners can monitor and manage their Vivint security systems remotely for added convenience. Additional features include cameras, door locks and lighting and thermostat control.

Video surveillance – Homeowners can increase their level of protection by incorporating security cameras into their Vivint security system. The models include fixed or pan-and-tilt video cameras that allow users to watch real-time video and recorded clips on a smartphone or with an Internet browser.

Other features include home health security/medical pendants and severe weather alerts.

Vivint security system monitoring

Vivint security specialists are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to respond to alarm signals and home emergencies, from cellular monitoring centers in Provo, Utah, and St. Paul, Minnesota. Alarm monitoring for Vivint security systems covers threats including burglary, carbon monoxide and fire.

Vivint received the 2012 Central Station of the Year award from the Central Station Alarm Association and claims to have the fastest response times in the security industry.

Vivint home security energy management features

In addition to home security, Vivint offers customers the opportunity to keep their energy costs down. Customers who purchase the Energy Management package receive the following features along with the equipment and products of a Vivint security system:

  • Smart thermostat – Adjust or program the temperature in your home to coincide with your schedule using a smartphone, tablet or computer.
  • Small appliance and lighting controls – Control household devices and lamps remotely with the Vivint mobile app. The controls are compatible with all Z-Wave products and users can adjust brightness levels of lights and turn appliances on and off.
  • Energy-efficient lightbulbs – These bulbs are designed to last 10,000 hours and use 75 percent less energy than standard lightbulbs.

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