Wireless Home Security Systems

Learn the differences between hardwired and wireless security.


When you shop for home security, you may wonder about the differences between a wireless security system and a hardwired one. Each of these types of alarm monitoring has its pros and cons. With the help of the information listed below, you can decide if wireless security offers the best fit for your home.

Advantages of a wireless security system

  • Easier installation – Unlike their hardwired counterparts, wireless home security systems don’t require extensive drilling to make room for cables and lines running throughout your home. They also take less time to install, so your system will be up and running sooner.
  • Easier relocation – When you move to a new home, your wireless security system can easily travel with you. Wireless security could mean fewer hassles when you are transitioning to a new home.
  • Less clutter – Finding room for wires under floors and inside walls could prove hard to come by in newer homes. As a result, a hardwired alarm monitoring system will be more visible than wireless home security and can affect the appearance of your home’s interior.
  • More flexibility – Since they communicate by radio signal, you’ll find it easier to position wireless security components such as motion sensors around your home.

Disadvantages of wireless home security

  • Cost – Even though improving technology continues to make them more consumer-friendly, wireless security systems generally cost more than hardwired alarms.
  • Interference – Signals from other wireless devices can interfere with wireless home security systems. If a wireless security signal does experience interference, it could lead to a false alarm.
  • Signal strength – If you have a large home, a wireless security system might have difficulties maintaining consistent signals between the various components.

Like any other product or technology, wireless security has both strengths and weaknesses. The decision to purchase a wireless security system should take all these factors into account. Check out home security prices and home security systems reviews to get a clearer picture of the alarm monitoring system that would most seamlessly fit your lifestyle.

Wireless security and home automation

Consumers can choose from many different varieties of alarm monitoring systems, including those with home automation features. So, what is home automation? Home automation technology allows you to control your wireless security system, and more, from just about anywhere using a tablet or smartphone. In addition to the security functions, you can also use a mobile application to control thermostat settings, lights and security cameras on-the-go.

The information available on HomeSecuritySystem.com can help you decide if a wireless home security system with home automation features provides a good fit for your security needs, budget and lifestyle.

Shopping for a wireless security system? Make an informed decision

Investing in a security system means investing in the safety of yourself and your loved ones. To get the maximum return on that investment, get informed about the pros and cons of different alarm monitoring systems, including wireless.